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Choosing The Right Fence

How To Repair And Maintain Metal Fencing

by Chester Alvarez

Is your metal fence looking a little worse for wear? Time, weathering, and mechanical damage can all lead to a chipped finish or rust. Fortunately, you can repair most of the damage yourself on many types of wrought iron or metal fence panels. The following guide can help you with basic repairs and provide tips for preventing future problems.

Step-By-Step Paint and Rust Repair

Things Needed:

  • Pressure washer
  • Wire brush
  • "000" steel wool
  • Rust-proof outdoor primer and paint

Step 1: Rinse the fence thoroughly with a pressure washer set to a medium pressure setting. Pressure washing will remove any loose paint and dirt from the metal fence. Use caution so you don't damage any nearby landscaping with the sharp spray of water.

Step 2: Scrub rusted spots with the wire brush or with the steel wool until all the rust is removed. You can also use the steel wool to "sand" rust-pitted areas so they are smooth again. Rinse the fence with plain water when you are done.

Step 3: Apply a rust-proof primer to the entire fence. Use a brand rated for outdoor use on metal. You can use a brush on variety or a spray variety. If you opt for a spray variety, arrange dropcloths over the lawn, sidewalks, and neighboring plants to protect them from overspray.

Step 4: Allow the primer to dry completely, and then apply the rust-proof paint in the color of your choice. Apply up to two coats, allowing each to dry thoroughly between applications.

How to Repair Major Damage

Sometimes a portion of the fence has suffered damage more extensive than what paint can fix. Bent or broken fence rails, or extensive rust pitting, can mean replacement is the best option. Fortunately, most metal fences are sold as panels, so you can simply purchase a matching panel to replace the damaged portion. If your fence isn't assembled as panels, or if the design is no longer available, consult with a custom fence contractor to see if they can fabricate a replacement or repair the damaged fence section.

Preventing Future Damage

Caution and proper care are the best ways to keep a metal fence looking and performing well. The following are the major things you can do to keep the fence in good repair:

  • Inspect the fence weekly for any signs of paint damage or rust. Remove rust immediately with a wire brush and touch up the paint. This prevents damage from spreading.

  • Create a buffer zone between the bottom of the fence and lawn areas so that lawn mowers and string trimmers don't hit and damage the fence. Use mulch or concrete curbing to create a small plant-free zone.

  • Avoid using salt to de-ice areas near the fence. The salt can eat into the paint, causing pitting or rust.

For more information about caring for your fence, or for help replacing damaged components, look for wrought iron fencing by AJ Wrought Iron Security & Ornamental Ltd or another professional company.