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It might not seem like a difficult decision, but finding the right fence can be hard to do. In addition to choosing a picket style, a color, and a height, you might also be concerned about abiding by city and neighborhood ordinances. However, all of these decisions are easy if you choose the right fence contractor. A few years ago, I found a great contractor who helped us to create a beautiful, functional backyard in a few weeks. Read this blog for more information about fences, contractors, and design styles that you won't regret a few years down the road.


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Choosing The Right Fence

Planning Your Spring Garden? How A Fencing Specialist Can Help

by Chester Alvarez

If you are already planning your spring garden, you are not alone. The remaining months of winter are always filled with excitement for gardeners as they look through catalogs and search online for the latest hybrids of flowers and vegetables they want to plant this year. Adding a garden fence to your garden is a great way to protect your plants from intruders and it will also add beauty to your garden. 

Protect your plants from intruders

Without the right fence, your garden is vulnerable to intruders and your fencing specialist can design a fence best suited to block intruders. It is not uncommon for a gardener to wake up one morning and find that an animal feasted on the garden plants during the night. In order to keep these intruders out, you need a solid garden fence that is high enough so animals cannot jump over the fence and solid so critters cannot slip through the cracks or access your garden through the gate.

Add beauty to your garden

A great garden fence will keep intruders out but will also add beauty to your landscape. A fencing specialist can help you determine which fencing material complements the colors of your home and landscape best. Whether you choose a natural wood fence or a composite fence, your fencing specialist will discuss the pros and cons of each type to determine which is best for your garden.

Protect your plants from harsh weather elements

A sturdy and solid garden fence can help block harsh winds and blowing rain from damaging your tender garden plants. This is especially important when seedlings are just getting started and are vulnerable to wind damage. Since you have likely invested a lot of money into your garden plants, protecting them with a sturdy fence is a wise investment.

Define your outdoor space

A well-designed landscape has definition and a garden fence can help. Having a fence around your garden sets it apart from the rest of your landscape and makes it stand out. You can plant flowers around the border of your fence to make it stand out even more and add aesthetic value to your yard.

When it comes to fencing in your garden, the details and design of the fencing are best left in the hands of a fencing specialist. Not only will a fencing specialist help you determine the best material for your fence, but they will guide you into choosing a fence that complements your landscape and keeps your garden plants protected from intruders and harsh weather elements.

Contact a local fence company, such as Northwest Fencing, to learn more.