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It might not seem like a difficult decision, but finding the right fence can be hard to do. In addition to choosing a picket style, a color, and a height, you might also be concerned about abiding by city and neighborhood ordinances. However, all of these decisions are easy if you choose the right fence contractor. A few years ago, I found a great contractor who helped us to create a beautiful, functional backyard in a few weeks. Read this blog for more information about fences, contractors, and design styles that you won't regret a few years down the road.


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Choosing The Right Fence

Styles Of Wooden Fencing That Offer Moderate Privacy

by Chester Alvarez

Do you want a wooden fence that offers some privacy without being entirely solid? This is actually quite a common desire among homeowners. People often want a fence that will make their yard feel more secluded and block casual passersby from looking in. But they may not want to block all of the light or stop friendly neighbors from looking in. There are actually a couple of different styles of wooden fencing that fit this description. 

Shadowbox Fencing

A shadowbox fence has two horizontal rails going across the posts. It also has pickets on both sides of the rails. However, those pickets are staggered. There is some space between them, so light and air can pass through the fence. The view through a shadowbox fence is definitely not full or clear, so you get plenty of privacy. However, someone could walk up to the fence, put their face near it, and see into your yard pretty fully. Shadowbox fences cost less to build than solid wood fences simply because they require less wood.

Louvered Fencing

Another option is a louvered fence. This type of fence has all of the pickets on one side. But instead of being screwed straight onto the rails, the pickets are attached at an angle. They are all slightly raised from the fence rails on one side. If you look at a louvered fence head-on, it will look solid and you won't be able to see through it. The fence will also look solid if you look across it from one side. But if you stand to the other side, you will be able to see through the gaps in the fence. Louvered fences have a fairly modern look and are nice when you want both privacy and light penetration.

Lattice Fencing

A lattice fence consists of multiple, thin pieces of wood that are placed diagonal to one another. They cross in a way that leaves tiny diamonds between them. You can definitely see through a lattice fence, but since the openings are small, you can't see much unless you try. This would be a good type of fence to have in a busy neighborhood. You can make it harder for passersby to look into your yard without fully blocking your view.

Talk to a fence company, such as Corridor Residential Fencing Co., to learn more about these fence styles. They can recommend the best styles for your space.